History of Katchkie Farm

Katchkie Farm is a NOFA-certified organic farm, owned by the NYC-based catering company Great Performances. An industry first, Katchkie Farm represents a commitment in celebrating local flavors as well as an investment in sustainable agriculture and good earth practices. Katchkie sits on 60 acres in Columbia County, NY and yielded its first harvest in 2007.

Several ecologists visited in 2007 to document the farm, showing how Katchkie farm’s fields have hosted dynamic life for centuries. Conrad Vispo from Hawthorne Valley Farmscape Ecology Program captured the various flora and fauna at Katchkie Farm over a period of two years.

In addition to its role as a traditional farm, Katchkie is home to The Sylvia Center, an educational nonprofit that introduces children to the pleasures and benefits of healthy, sustainable food through farm visits and cooking workshops. Katchkie Farm’s philanthropic role includes committing 5% of its annual harvest to anti-hunger organizations.