Katchkie Farm Team

Bob Walker, Farmer Manager at Katchkie Farm

Bob Walker, Farmer Manager at Katchkie Farm


Farmer Bob Walker

Farm Manager

Farmer Bob manages the farm, leading seasonal workers in the tilling, planting, weeding, watering, harvesting and all that goes into the daily processes of farming.

Bob was a self-proclaimed “health food junkie,” religiously juicing carrots each morning when he realized the irony that he didn’t know where the carrots came from. When he first saw the overgrown tangle that was to become Katchkie Farm he felt as if it were waiting for his touch. Seven years later, Bob has transformed the place into a certified organic spread of vegetables and greenhouses framed by woodland preserve.

Kristy King, Katchkie Farm

Kristy King, Katchkie Farm


Kristy King

Mother of 3 adult children/part-time potter/past art teacher/once upon a time owner of a fishing charter boat company in Alaska.

Partner to Farmer Bob and enthusiastic participator of the workings of Katchkie Farm.

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Liz Neumark, Founder, Katchkie Farm

Liz Neumark, Founder, Katchkie Farm


Liz Neumark


Liz is the Founder of Katchkie Farm, and the Founder and CEO of New York City’s leading catering and events company, Great Performances. Liz founded Great Performances in 1980 as a part-time staffing agency for women in the arts. She has since transformed it into one of the country’s foremost catering companies, setting the pace on business development, innovation, equality and thought leadership in the hospitality industry.

In 2006, Liz purchased sixty acres of unfarmed land in Kinderhook, NY. With the help and experience of of Farmer Bob, Katchkie Farm was opened, making Great Performances the first caterer to own and operate an organic farm. In the same year, she founded The Sylvia Center, a nonprofit organization dedicated to addressing issues in children’s health through hands-on experiences growing and cooking healthy food. Liz and many of her colleagues are engaged activists of food-related issues, promoting initiatives such as food rescue, anti-hunger, healthy food access, local agriculture and full utilization of food.

Liz is on the boards of GrowNYC, The Fund for Public Housing, and is board chair for the Hudson Square Connection (BID) and The Sylvia Center. She also sits on the Advisory Board for West Side Campaign Against Hunger and the Food and Finance High School. She has been honored with the Food Arts Silver Spoon Award and Ernst & Young New York Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Most recently, Liz was named one of New York’s Most Powerful Women by Crain’s NY. She blogs for The Huffington Post and is the author of Sylvia’s Table, a highly acclaimed seasonal cookbook for families.