Farm & Field Update-- July 25th 2018

With rain in the forecast, we ended up starting the garlic harvest on Friday. It took us 2 days to get it all harvested and laid out in the greenhouse for drying. Both days were beautiful. Temperatures dropped to tolerable levels-- thank goodness-- and it seemed as if we flew right through the task. It started raining Saturday night, rained again Sunday night and looks like it will continue off and on all week. Time was of the essence. Bob got more fields plowed, seeded and sprayed and my daughters and I canned 2 dozen quart jars of dill pickles. It was a busy weekend. We are now halfway through the season. Four months in and four more to go. Stamina is the word of the moment now. It’s wonderful that the oppressively hot weather seems to have broken its long hold, the rain may alleviate the task of irrigating or at least some of it. I like to think mother nature is watching over us, sensing the limits of our capacity to endure this most difficult life of farming and pitching in to help when she can.

Harvesting garlic.jpg


PS: If you get some of these over ripe cherry tomatoes, consider yourself fortunate. They are naturally sun dried & the sweetest of natures candy. Try making a tomato pesto with them. To die for!