Farm & Field Update-- August 8th 2018

destemming cherry tomatoes.jpg

August is here. This will be our last week of the regular seeding schedule for transplanting. Feels like we are in a race. A race against the weather, be it rain when we were harvesting onions to get them out of the field for drying or racing against time as we must start early in the mornings to harvest in the cooler temperatures before the sweltering heat and humidity of the afternoons. We can hardly breath in the greenhouses after lunchtime the heat is so intense, however the cherry tomatoes are loving it; and we’re racing against the limitations of our own physical strength in the effort to get it all done. Farmer Bob strategically choreographs our days, so we spend the hottest part either washing vegetables or boxes, or sorting, or packing, or some task that is out of the heat or the rain. Harvest time is the crescendo of the farming season. The intensity is growing and ripening as are our fields and it will continue until fall officially arrives and relieves us at least from the pursuit of the summer heat allowing the tempo of this race to step down a notch as we head toward the finish.