Sylvia Center + Katchkie Farm

About The Sylvia Center

The mission of The Sylvia Center is to inspire children to establish independent healthy eating habits—so that they may lead healthy and productive lives.

The Sylvia Center (TSC) operates out of New York City and from Katchkie Farm, with each location focusing on healthy eating, knowing where your food comes from, and working together to create healthy and delicious food.

Sylvia Center at Katchkie Farm 

During the growing season, May through October, TSC students observe our farm in full operation and have the chance to become farmers in The Sylvia Center’s children garden. A sensory tour of the garden introduces the children to the plants: they are encouraged to touch, smell, and taste. Later, they are given age-appropriate tasks to perform: hoeing, weeding, digging, and harvesting. The reward of the harvest is immediate as the children prepare the vegetables for a healthy, delicious lunch.


Sylvia Center in New York City

TSC chef instructors are trained to engage children through hands-on activities and lively discussion of essential concepts such as seasonality, plant behavior, food history, and cultural awareness. The children learn, for example, that as recently as fifty years ago, no one in the northeastern United States would have eaten a fresh strawberry during the winter months.

During our six-week cycles, students learn basic cooking techniques (chopping, grating, whisking, kneading, and rolling) as well as skills essential for any good cook: kitchen safety, flavor profiles and creative combining, planning and strategizing, and teamwork.

More Information

To donate or find additional information about The Sylvia Center please visit their website at

For additional information on New York City programming, please contact Samantha Pagan at or 212-337-6057.

For additional information on Katchkie Farm programming, please contact Jenn So at or 518-758-2170.